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Welcome to Guardians of Poop

Defenders Of The Poop Universe

Welcome to Guardians of Poop! We are a  locally-owned pet waste removal service company located in South Bend; servicing Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.  Call us and we'll come to your home, pick up your pet(s) poop from your lawn safely and professionally; Commercial services also available ( parks. apartment complexes, professional buildings Etc).

Unbeatable prices, top-notch customer service, happy pets and poop free lawns. Oh yeah, we are all about your pets poop!


Prices starting at (Subject to Change) 

$12.99 per visit for service once a week


$50 per month (4 visits. 1 visit per week)

$9.50 per visit for service twice a week


$70 per month (8 visits. 2 visits per week)

$ 12.50 per visit for service once bi weekly


$25 per month (2 visits. 1 visit bi weekly)

$60 Per hour for one time treatment

There will be an initial clean up fee for all dog scooping services ( Call for free estimates )

 monthly services available.

**Prices vary based on number of pets and sq footage. Give us a call to customize your package today!



***Prices will change if number of dogs increase after membership sign-up***


*online purchases subject to change due to number of dogs and SQ footage

Here at Guardians of Poop , we take pride in our company, services and most importantly our customers and your pet(s)! We treat you, your pet(s) and poop like family.

With expert and professional care, we dispose of animal waste securely; while always remaining friendly to the environment.


Our mission is to provide convenient and efficient waste (feces) removal services for your pet(s).

Payment options: Credit card, debit card, checks, paypal

**Membership cancellation is free (at anytime)

**At the discretion of management, memberships can be cancelled, if deemed necessary

Specials: Limited Time* 

-Refer A Friend Program Discount

We also offer cat litter maintenance

  • $8.99 per visit for one cat litter pan

  • $35 per month (4 litter pan changes. 1 litter pan change per week)

  • $10.99 per week for two cat litter pans

  • $40 per month (2 cat litter pans. 4 cat litter pan changes each per week)

  • $12.99 per week for three cat litter pans

  • $50 per month (3 cat litter pans. 4 cat litter pan changes each per week)

Guardians of Poop will take your cat litter pan(s), dispose of old litter and replace with fresh litter pan.

Friendly reminder: Cat litter pans must be left outside on pick up date

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does G.O.P offer referrals?

A: Yes we do

Q: Should dogs be inside during service?

A: Yes, we prefer dogs to be inside while a technician services the lawn.

Q: Can I cancel at anytime?

A: Yes

Q: G.O.P offers cat litter maintenance?

A: Yes we do. Guardians of Poop will take your old cat litter pan and replace it with a clean one.

Q: What are the methods of payment?

A: Credit card, debit card and cash.

Q: What areas does G.O.P cover?

 A: Illinois, Michigan and Indiana...stay tuned

Q: Does G.O.P let customers know when they arrive.

A: Yes, customers will get a call and/ or a confirmation via text. 

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Here's What Fellow

Guardians Have To Say:

Debra S.

Neat and professional services. I couldn't tell that my pet used the area that was clean by Guardian of Poop. I strongly recommend this company.

Kevin S.

Awesome service. I love my dog to death but cant tend to his business sometimes lol. AND NOW MY WIFE GETS TIRED OF DOING IT FOR ME LOL. thank you guys for your awesome service. MY YARD IS A GHOST TOWN OF POO LOL..I WILL BE USING THIS SERVICE AGAIN AND I'VE ALREADY RECOMMENDED 7 PEOPLE. WELL MY WIFE DID LOL

P.J Wade

Great service  and very reasonable prices...highly recommend using this service

Guardians of Poop

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